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GeneExplorer thermal cyeler is a PCR of multiple functions and applications. The product is applicable to polymerase chain reaction in fields including immunology, human genome engineering, forensic pathology, oncology, organization and population biology, paleontology, zoology and botany.

GeneExplorer's features are including:Intelligent operation, temperature accuracy and mobile App sync.

Intelligent operation:A new generation of CPU, 8 inch responsive touch screen, and user-friendly UI design makes your operation simple and faster.
Temperature accuracy: Newly designed block and tailor-made peliter to ensure exceptional thermal performance and optimize your PCR temperature with good accuracy.
Mobile App sync:Innovative mobile app and Wifi capability helps to monitor your PCR status with remote control.

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 Gene Explorer

 Product code










 Sample capacity


 384 micro plate

 4×standard in situ plates


 Temp. range

 4.0~105°C  (min. resolution: 0.1°C)

 Temp. uniformity


 Temp. accuracy

 ≤±0.2℃(30s after reaching 55, 72 and 95℃ respectively)

 Hot-lid temp. range


 Gradient temp. range





 Max. cycles

 ≥99, suitable for Nested PCR

 Time up/down

 0~9m59s, suitable for Long PCR

 Temp. up/down

 0.1~9.9℃, suitable for Touchdown PCR


 ≥2000 programs on board, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion



 Press mode of hot lid

 One-time locking

 Mobile app.

 iOS / Android

 Power supply

 100~240V, 50~60Hz, 600W



 Net weight


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